iPhone Dark Theme

iPhone Dark Theme 1.0

Visual theme inspired by the iPhone


  • Stylish background wallpaper
  • Superb icon design


  • No new functionality added


If you like the iPhone interface design but don't necessarily what to change to the Apple device from your current handset then look no further than the iPhone Dark Theme.

The theme transform your S60 interface to mimic that of the iPhone - and although it doesn't completely redesign the structure of the display, it certainly looks very nice. For starts, the iPhone Dark Theme adds a swish new background wallpaper. This is predominantly black but with a stylish mesh effect image in the style of the Mac Dashboard, which looks great. There's also a neat and simple black time and date display.

However, it's really in its icons where the iPhone Dark Theme excels. These have been lovingly recreated based on their equivalent Mac icons, and where no Mac icons exist, new ones created befitting that style.

Granted, the iPhone Dark Theme doesn't add any iPhone-style functionality to your Symbian phone, but it does back it look pretty special.

iPhone Dark Theme


iPhone Dark Theme 1.0

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  • by Anonymous

    good gg.
    the best theme i hope to your make new theme for us gggggggthak for this i like it verry much.   More